Millie Goes to the Party

Millie Goes to the Party
Chapter 4 from the story
Millie the Harvest Mouse

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Millie the Harvest Mouse goes to the party and meets Jonathan the Snail and Matilda.

Millie the Harvest Mouse goes to the party and meets Jonathan the Snail and Matilda
Millie, Jonathan and Old Mrs Spider

It was the night of the party. Millie was really nervous: never before had she worn a dress like the one she had on now. Wide-eyed, she gazed around the room, ; at all the guests, the table full of cakes; at all the decorations hanging from the walls. She wondered if anyone would speak to her. Suddenly, a voice behind her exclaimed.

Millie turned, and there stood Jonathan, beaming, his shell polished and gleaming, and his two feelers glowing pinkly where he’d given them an extra special scrub.

“Millie! ” Exclaimed Jonathan again, his thumbs hooked into a brand new pair of magnificently blue braces. “You look fabulous!” And all of a sudden, that’s exactly how Millie felt. Fabulous.

“Thank you, Jonathan,” She smiled and took his hand, “Let’s go and meet the others.”

Matilda Loses Her Temper

Across the room, Matilda was sounding forth to a huddle of her cronies.

“Ooh, look,” Said one of them, “There’s Millie.”

“Oh, what a bore,” Said Matilda, deliberately not looking.

“I really think you should look,” Insisted Matilda’s companion, “She’s not boring at all.”

Matilda sighed loudly and looked up, then stared, open-mouthed, unable to believe her eyes. Could the vision in shining blue really be Millie? How could that boring, drab little harvest mouse have turned into that gorgeous creature? Matilda decided to investigate. She marched up to where Millie stood, arm in arm with Jonathan, laughing and chatting with friends.

Millie watched as Matilda strode across the room.

“Hello Matilda,” Millie smiled.

Matilda scowled: it really was Millie, and she really did look wonderful.

“Hello yourself,” She said impily.

Matilda was livid: her own party dress now looked drab in comparison, and all the other mice who’d been gathered around her now seemed to like Millie much more than her. She felt sooo jealous she wanted to scream.

Matilda stamped her foot and swished her long tail in fury then flounced off across the room to the table where all the cakes were.

“Why, Matilda,” Called one of the teachers, “Whatever’s wrong with you? You look so grumpy.”

Matilda pretended not to hear: she just swished her tail even more angrily. In fact, she swished it so angrily, she knocked a plate of cakes clean off the table. They rolled all over the floor.

“Oh, Matilda,” Exclaimed the teacher, “That was clumsy. You’ll just have to pick them all up again.”

“Shan’t,” Said Matilda rudely.

All the other mice gasped. There was a moment’s silence.

Matilda Is Asked To Leave The Party

“Well,” Replied the teacher at last, “If you don’t, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the party.”

Matilda just got ruder and ruder.

“Shan’t! I won’t!! shan’t!!!” She chanted, and ran off across the room to the door.

She stopped at the door, and turned to face every one.

“Don’t like your silly party anyway,” She called.

With a final swish of her tail, she swept out of the room and slammed the door behind her.

There was a thump, then, from behind the door, they heard Matilda give the most tremendous squeak. Everybody ran to see what had happened.

“Ow! Ow!! Ooo !!! ” They heard Matilda squeal.

Matilda had slammed the door on her tail, and now it was stuck. All that the other children could see was the end of Matilda’s tail, twitching as she tried to tug it free from the other side of the door. It looked so funny, they all started to laugh.

“Oh, poor Matilda,” Gasped Millie, “That must be so sore.”

She ran across the room and pushed open the door.

With a final yank, Matilda pulled her tail free and ran off into the night. Millie and all the other children stood still, listening to the sound of Matilda wailing as she ran off home across the meadow in the dark.

Millie Feels Sorry For Matilda

“Poor Matilda,” She said sympathetically, “Shutting her tail in the door must have really hurt.”

“Don’t you worry about her,” Said Jonathan, “She’ll be quite alright in the morning. Do her good to be laughed at for a change.”

Jonathan held out his hand.

“Come along,” He said, “Let’s go back. It’s your turn to be the loveliest mouse in the meadow.”

And, for the rest of the evening, that is exactly what Millie was: the loveliest mouse in the meadow. It was the most wonderful party she could ever remember. She danced and talked and laughed all evening, and felt so happy she thought she really might burst.

Far away, on the other side of the meadow, a light was on in the window of Old Mrs Spider’s house. Inside, Old Mrs Spider rocked quietly and comfortably in her armchair beside the fire, listening to the distant sound of the school party. She was glad she’d remembered how to weave her special magic into that new blue dress: she knew Millie would be having a wonderful time.

Old Mrs Spider smiled contentedly. It was nice when there was a happy ending.

The End

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