Millie Gets a New Party Dress

Millie Gets a New Party Dress
Chapter 3 from the story
Millie the Harvest Mouse

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Millie gets a present from Old Mrs Spider – a new pale blue dress for the party.

One evening a few weeks later, just a couple of nights before the school party, there was a knock on Millie’s front door.

Millie’s mother looked up from her armchair next to the fire.

“I wonder who that could be?” She asked.

“I’ll get it,” Called Millie, and went to open the front door.

There, holding a large brown paper parcel, stood Old Mrs Spider.

“Hello, my dear,” She held out the parcel to Millie, “I’ve brought you a little present.” Millie’s eyes widened in surprise: she hardly ever had presents.

“Why, thank you,”She said,”Thank you very much indeed.”

Millie’s mother came across the room.

“Come in, Mrs Spider,” She invited, “The kettle’s hot.”

Millie held up the large brown paper parcel.

“Look!” She said, “Old Mrs Spider brought me this.”

“What a lovely surprise!” Millie’s mother exclaimed, “What on earth could it be?” “Can I open it and see?” asked Millie, her eyes bright with excitement.

“Of course,” Said Millie’s mother and Old Mrs Spider together.

Millie put the parcel on the table and, almost shaking with anticipation, began to unwrap it. She longed desperately to find out what was inside, and it seemed to take forever for her trembling fingers to undo all the wrappings. At last, she reached the final layer and there, neatly folded, lay a party dress. But it wasn’t just any old party dress.

Millie held it up for her mother to see.

“Why, my dear,” She exclaimed, “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

and, indeed, it was.

Pale blue, like the sky of spring, and so fine and delicate it seemed to float on the air like the morning mist in the meadow, the dress was set with sequins that twinkled in the firelight like dewdrops in the early sunlight.

Millie was so overcome, she almost wanted to cry

“Oh,” She sighed, “I’ve never ever had anything so lovely.”

Old Mrs Spider beamed with pleasure.

“I’m so happy you like it,” She smiled.

“Thank you, thank you,” Said Millie, quite pink with pleasure.

Old Mrs Spider shuffled her feet shyly.

“I enjoyed weaving it,” She said, “Reminded me of when I used to make my own.” She turned for the door.

“I hope you have a marvellous party,” She said to Millie.

And, with that, Old Mrs Spider vanished into the night.

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