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Children`s storybooks

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The Meadow
Children`s storybooks

MATILDA Finds a New Home

(Shorter Version for Younger Readers)
Jan Luthman

One day, Jonathan and Robbit were wandering up the meadow together. 

"Going to be a cold winter," Said Jonathan.

"How do you know?" Asked Robbit.

"Look at the holly tree," Said Jonathan, "it's got lots and lots of berries."

Just then, Farmer Jack came towards them, a great big axe in one hand.

"I'm off to cut some logs for the fire," He said, "it's going to be a cold winter this year."

"See?" Jonathan nudged Robbit's paw, "I told you."

"You'll have to dig yourself a nice deep burrow, Robbit," Farmer Jack called out, "and you'll need to find yourself a large warm pile of leaves, Jonathan. Why don't you try under the old oak tree?"

The old oak stood at the edge of the meadow.

On the ground underneath the tree lay piles and piles of golden brown leaves.

Jonathan nosed carefully under a large heap of them.

"Mmm," He murmured happily, "They smell all musty."

All of a sudden, Robbit's head popped up out of the ground.

"It's nice here," He said, flicking little bits of earth out of his ears with his paw, "The ground's all soft and easy to dig."

"And the leaves are all soft and warm and damp," Said Jonathan dreamily.

Robbit yawned.

"Funny how when it gets cold it makes you sleepy." * It's called hibernating," Explained Jonathan.

"Oh," Said Robbit, and yawned again.

Jonathan began to slide back under his pile of leaves.

"I'm tired," He announced, "G'night, Robbit."

"G'night, Jonathan," Robbit rubbed his eyes sleepily, "See you in the Spring."

All over the meadow, Jonathan and Robbit and their friends curled up safe and snug in their nests and burrows, and went to sleep.

Outside, the weather got colder and colder, and winter began.

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