Matilda and Millie’s New Home

Matilda and Millie’s New Home
Chapter 6 from the story
Matilda Finds a New Home

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Matilda and Millie's New Home
Farmhouse Fables in the Middle of Winter

Matilda and Millie’s New Home

“So,” Said Mrs Katie at last, “What brings you two mice out in the middle of winter?”

Matilda was too shy and nervous to say anything, so Millie took charge and told Mrs Katie the whole, sad story of how Matilda had lost her home and had nowhere to go.

“So,” Millie said at the end, “We were wondering if there were a little tiny space in the farmhouse where Matilda could build a nest, just to herself.”

Mrs Katie thought a while, then smiled.

A Sheltered Burrow in the Back Porch

“Well,” She said, “As it happens, I think there might be. There’s a small burrow at the bottom of the wall in the back porch. It runs under the farmhouse, and it’s very sheltered. I know one or two other mice have lived there before quite happily.”

“Could you show us where it is?”

Mrs Katie opened the kitchen door and led the way to the back porch of the farmhouse.

“There,” She pointed to the bottom of the stone farmhouse wall, “Close by the doorstep: Can you see it?”

In between two of the large grey stones, tucked away in a little corner, was a small doorway.

“Ooh,” Matilda whispered in Millie’s ear, “it looks so nice; sort of small and friendly.”

“Could we look inside, please?” Millie asked Mrs Katie.

“Of course you can: I’ll wait here until you come back out again.”

Millie and Matilda View the Burrow

Millie and Matilda opened the tiny door and nosed their way curiously into the burrow, not at all sure what they were going to find.

Inside, there was a comfortable little sitting room, with a small fireplace and two comfy armchairs with lovely plump soft cushions just waiting to be sat in; a bedroom with an old-fashioned box-bed tucked away cosily in one corner; even a tiny kitchen. It was exactly what Matilda had been hoping to find.

They scuttled excitedly back outside again.

“Would it be alright if I moved in today?” Matilda asked Mrs Katie, nervous in case she might change her mind and decide she didn’t want a mouse living under the farmhouse, “I’d be very very quiet.”

“Of course it would,” Replied Mrs Katie, “And you look like a well-behaved young mouse. But I don’t think there are any bedclothes and there’s nothing for you to cook with.”

“That’s OK,” Piped up Millie, “Matilda can borrow some things from us, and when the summer comes we can go out and gather lots of thistledown to make new quilts.”

Matilda was almost glowing with excitement.

“Imagine me having my very own place,” She murmured dreamily, “I’ve never had anything like that before.”

Matilda Remembers She Cannot Cook

“You could invite me round for tea,” Suggested Millie, “Or supper, or something.”

Matilda suddenly looked a little uncertain.

“But I can’t cook,” She said.

“That’s no problem,” Said Millie breezily, “Mrs Katie could show you how to bake cakes and things.”

Matilda looked up at Mrs Katie.

“Could you?” She asked, “Really?”

Mrs Katie smiled.

“Just so long as you don’t leave wet paw prints in the flour.”

Millie reached out and took Matilda’s hand.

“Come on,” She said, “Let’s go down to my place and see what we can find there for you to sleep in tonight.”

Mrs Katie watched as the two mice scampered off through the snow. It was strange, she thought, how empty the farmhouse had seemed since the last mice had moved out. The sound of little paws was comforting during the evening when she was knitting, and she missed them when they weren’t there. Something told her that she and Matilda would get along just fine.

Mrs Katie turned and went back into the welcoming warmth of her kitchen. It would be nice, she thought, to have another little mouse in the house.

The End

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