Matilda and Millie Visit The Old Farmhouse

Matilda and Millie Visit The Old Farmhouse
Chapter 5 from the story
Matilda Finds a New Home

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

The next morning, Matilda and Millie visit The Old Farmhouse setting off across the meadow, trudging through the snow towards the old farmhouse.

The Old Farmhouse in the Snow
The Old Farmhouse in Winter

It some places, the wind had piled the snow into great big drifts. They were so deep the two mice had to burrow their way through. Matilda was not used to such hard exercise and, by the time they eventually arrived at the old farmhouse, she was quite breathless with exhaustion.
“Well, here we are,” Announced Millie, “This is the kitchen door.”

Matilda stared up at it: it was quite the most enormous door she had ever seen in her life.

“How do we knock on it?” She whispered to Millie, “it’s so big: nobody would hear us.

“We don’t,” Replied Millie, “We tap at the window instead. Come on, follow me.”

Matilda followed Millie as she climbed up a bush growing beside the kitchen wall, then scuttled out along one of its branches and jumped onto the sill of the kitchen window.

“What do we do now?” Asked Matilda.

Millie rubbed snow from a corner of the window and peered through.

“I can see Mrs Katie’s in there: I think she’s baking a cake,” She said, “Help me clear the window a bit more.”

They wiped away pawfuls of snow, and knocked.

At the sound of two tiny pairs of paws pattering on the windowpane, Mrs Katie looked up from the great big kitchen table that stood next to the window. The table was covered in flour, and butter and salt and sugar and jam and bits of pastry, and there was a large plate of scones at one end. It looked wonderfully untidy in a comfortable, friendly sort of way.

“Good Heavens!” She exclaimed, “it’s Millie!” She peered more closely, “And who’s that with her?”

Mrs Katie dusted the flour off her hands on her apron, lifted the latch on the window and pushed it open.

“Hallo, Millie,” She said, “What brings you here, my dear? I thought you’d be tucked up in your nest. And who’s your friend?”

“Morning, Mrs Katie,” Millie was jumping up and down, trying to keep warm, “This is Matilda.”

“Hi, Mrs Katie,” Matilda waved shyly and smiled as she hopped and shivered on the window sill, her breath steaming in the wintry sunlight.

“You two must be freezing,” Said Mrs Katie, “Come on in where it’s warm and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Millie hesitated.

“Is it alright if we jump on to your table?” She asked, “We’ve both got wet feet.”

Mrs Katie smiled

“It’s only snow,” She said, “That never hurt anybody.”

Millie and Matilda hopped from the windowsill on to the kitchen table and padded across it, their wet paws leaving little trails in the flour. Matilda sniffed; the plate full of freshly-baked scones at the other end of the table smelt quite delicious. She suddenly felt very, very hungry.

Mrs Katie seemed to read Matilda’s thoughts.

“Here,” Mrs Katie smiled, and slid the plate towards the two mice, “Have a scone: I’ve just finished baking them: they’re still warm.”

Matilda clasped a large crumb between her paws and nibbled happily: she had never tasted anything quite so absolutely scrumptious before.

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