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The Meadow

Jonathan, the Fastest Snail in the Meadow
(Concise version) Jan Luthman
Jonathan was looking really unhappy.

"What's up?" Asked Robbit.

"The beetle boys were bullying me," Said Jonathan glumly, "They wrote things on my shell."

Robbit looked: there, all across Jonathan's carefully polished shell was scrawled the word "SWOT".

"Why didn't you just chase the beetles away?" Demanded Robbit "Cos I'm just a snail," Replied Jonathan, "I'm too slow."

Robbit put a friendly paw round Jonathan's shell.

"Never mind," He said, "Let's go home together." So they did.

On the way, they met Old Mrs Spider. They told her all about Jonathan being bullied.

" I'm just a snail," He explained, "I'm too slow to chase anybody." "Fiddlesticks!" Said Old Mrs Spider, "We'll soon see about that." She held up a small, dark green bottle.

"Try some," She instructed.

Cautiously, Jonathan took a sip.

"Now," Said Old Mrs Spider, "See how fast you can run."

Jonathan gave a little hop of excitement and, with a puff of dust, shot off in a blur of speed.

"Wow!" Exclaimed Robbit.

"Ooooh!" Sang Jonathan as he whizzed along, " This is exciting."

Too late, Jonathan saw a bush in front of him: he tried to turn, but skidded straight into it. Crunch!

"if you really want to run fast," Said Robbit, wiping mud and leaves off Jonathan's shell, "You're going to have to look where you're going."

"But," Jonathan scratched his head, "I wear glasses, so things sometimes arrive before I see them."

Robbit thought for a bit.

"I know!" He snapped his fingers, "We could ask Andy the ant to sit on your shell and tell you which way to go."

So, off they sped off to find Andy.

Chapter 2

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