A Special Old Spider Secret

A Special Old Spider Secret
Chapter 2 from the story
Jonathan The Fastest Snail in the Meadow
A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

On the way, they overtook Old Mrs Spider, struggling along the path with her bags of shopping. She looked very tired.

Old Mrs Spider has a Special Old Spider Secret
Old Mrs Spider

“Good morning, Mrs Spider,” Called Robbit and Jonathan together.

“And good morning to you both, young Robbit and Jonathan,” Replied Old Mrs Spider, “How nice to see you on this lovely morning.”

Jonathan and Robbit were both very polite, and asked Old Mrs Spider if they could help carry her shopping for her.

“Why, thank you,” She said, “What a kind thing to do.”

Robbit took one bag and Jonathan took the other, and the three of them went on along the path towards Mrs Spider’s house. As they walked, Old Mrs Spider noticed how quiet Jonathan was.

“Is there anything the matter?” She asked, for she was really a kindly old lady.

Before Jonathan could say anything, Robbit blurted out.

“Yes,” He said indignantly, “There jolly well is: Jonathan’s being bullied at school.”

“Bullied?” Said Old Mrs Spider, “But why?”

So they told old Mrs Spider the whole story, and at the end of it Jonathan added.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” He explained, “I’m just a snail; I’m far too slow to chase anybody away.”

“Just a snail, indeed!” Snorted Old Mrs Spider, “Too slow to chase anybody, eh? We’ll soon see about that.”

With a twinkle in her eye, old Mrs Spider’s weaved off to a cupboard in the corner of her kitchen. She opened it and held up a small, dark green bottle.

“See this?” She asked.

“Yes,” They chorused, “What is it?”

“A secret,” She replied, “A special old spider secret. Mind, though,” She eyed them sternly, “it only works when somebody’s in trouble and needs help.”

“What does it do?”

“Makes you stronger,” She replied, “And faster.”


Old Mrs Spider smiled and headed for the door.

” Let’s go outside,” She suggested, “There’s not enough space in here for you to go rushing around.”

Jonathan had never rushed around anywhere in his life, but, with a shrug, he slid out to Old Mrs Spider’s front gate, Robbit beside him, bouncing with curiosity.

“What do I do now?” Asked Jonathan uncertaintly, once they got there.

Old Mrs Spider uncorked the little green bottle

“Take a spoonful,” She instructed.

Cautiously, Jonathan took a sip.

“Well?” He said. “Now what?”

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