Fables and Stories for Young Children

Fables and Stories for Young Children

Fables Short Stories for Young Children

Farmhouse Fables has been well known for a number of unique short stories for children.

It was an idea and the hobby of Jan Luthman who lived at The Old Farmhouse in the County of West Sussex in the UK

The following fables are available to read and print:

To make our stories and fables easier for children to read, each have been divided into 2 to 6 chapters containing images of the characters, the meadow where they live and the Old Farm House

Some of the images on this website were provided by Jan and his wife.
Please remember that all images and stories are Copyright© 2000 – 2020 Jan Luthman and Farmhouse Fables and must not be copied, distributed or incorporated in other works without prior written consent from Farmhouse Fables.

No other person should pass off these fables as original works.

Enjoy the fables and stories from
Farmhouse Fables