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Childrens Stories and Fables.
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fables for children

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The Old Farmhouse

Who we are
Jan Luthman Jill Luthman
Me - Jan and My wife - Jill

We spent many years overseas, in Africa and the Middle East, before returning to the UK and settling in a very old farmhouse in a small village in the county of East Sussex in South East England.

This website is the remains of a storytelling hobby - one that provided a measure of light relief from life in “The City” *.   Sadly, I haven’t written a new story for some years.  However, rather than delete the website, I’ve allowed a certain amount of what I hope is inoffensive advertising in order to defray the costs of hosting and maintenance.   

The stories and pictures on this website are not available in print anywhere else in the world. They are absolutely free to anybody who visits this site: you don't have to register, or pay a fee, or purchase anything, and you won't have to buy the books to find out the endings: all the stories on this site are complete.

The stories and photographs may be downloaded and/or printed off and read by anyone, to anyone, anywhere, anytime - in bed, in an armchair, in a bus, wherever you are. I leave it up to readers as to how they imagine Robbit and Jonathan and Millicent and Andrew and Moley and Farmer Jack and his wife Katie.

All I ask is that you please remember that the stories and pictures are copyright Jan Luthman (that's me), and should not be copied, distributed or incorporated in other works for profit without my prior (emailed) consent.  In particular, I ask that you please do not pretend that these stories are your own work.

Jan & Gill

* Currently (2009) a director of Walker Crips Asset Managers Ltd., and co-manager of a range of UK equity and bond funds.

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