Old Mrs Spider Comes to The Rescue

Old Mrs Spider Comes to The Rescue
Chapter 5 from the story
Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Old Mrs Spider to the Rescue
Old Mrs Spider Comes to The Rescue

Andy and Old Mrs Spider came rushing back to the well to find Robbit anxiously waiting for them.

Old Mrs Spider soon took charge: she was very good at that sort of thing.

“Hold on tight, Ant,” She instructed Andy, “You’re on your way.”

Andy waved bravely and clung on as Old Mrs Spider lowered him further and further into the well, down and down past row after row after row of damp, mossy-green bricks, until his toes almost touched the water.

Old Mrs Spider Comes to The Rescue at The Well
Farmer Jack’s Well

“Stop!” He yelled.

Hanging on to the end of the web, Andy reached out as far as he could, grabbed a corner of Jonathan’s shell and pulled him to the side of the well.

“Oh, dear,” Muttered Jonathan, “I can’t climb up the wall.”

“Why not?” Asked Andy.

“It’s too slippery.”

Andy thought for a moment.

“I know,” He said, “I’ll get the beetle boys: they can climb walls; they’ve got special hooky things on their legs. And they’re very strong.”

Andy tethered Jonathan with the web so he wouldn’t float away again, then scuttled off up the side of the well, leaping nimbly from brick to brick.

Jonathan gazed in admiration as his friend climbed higher and higher until, at last, he reached the top of the well and disappeared from view.

How odd, thought Jonathan, to be rescued by the Beetle Boys: not very long ago, they had been the worst bullies in the meadow.

The Meadow
The Meadow at The Old Farmhouse

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