Jonathan Wakes Up

Jonathan Wakes Up
Chapter 3 from the story
Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Andy and Robbit found Jonathan very wide awake indeed. He’d dragged his spare shell out from his wardrobe and propped it up against his front door post, and was busily polishing it in the bright Spring sunshine.

Jonathan stopped polishing as he saw his friends arrive.

“Had to get all the winter dust and cobwebs off it, you see,” He explained.

Andy was very impressed: he wondered what it would be like to have a shell that you could polish.

Winter at Farmhouse Fables
The Meadow in Winter

They all milled around, admiring Jonathan’s gleaming shell, wondering what to do next. It was such a lovely day, even Robbit was beginning to feel like doing something, only none of them were quite sure what the something should be.

“I think we should go and say hallo to Farmer Jack and Mrs Katie,” Said Robbit, nibbling thoughtfully on a tuft of grass, “We haven’t seen them all Winter.

“Jonathan & Robbit set off to meet Farmer Jack and Mrs Katie

It seemed like a very good idea, and so off they set.

They wandered contentedly in the general direction of the Old Farmhouse, with Jonathan explaining to anyone who would listen his latest trick for negotiating corners at high speed.

Jonathan Tries To Go Fast

“You’ve got to tilt your shell,” Jonathan lent over to one side to demonstrate, “Then you swerve your body, like this.”

Jonathan Bumps into a Daisy
Jonathan Bumps Into A Daisy

Jonathan was so busy talking, he bumped straight into a daisy.

“Hmmph,” Said Andy, “Looks like you still need someone to steer.”

Jonathan tried hard not to look embarrassed.

“I just wanted to see if the flower smelt nice,” He said.

“Did it?” Asked Andy.

“‘Course not,” Said Jonathan, “Daisies don’t have scents.”

Flowering Daisy

“So why did you smell it, then?”

Jonathan pretended he hadn’t heard.

“See that big stone ahead?” He asked, “This time, I’ll show you how I really do it.”

Jonathan gave a delicate wiggle, and swept swiftly and smoothly round the stone and out of sight.

“Smooth,” Murmured Andy and Robbit admiringly, “Very smooth.”

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