Farmer Jack’s Well at The Old Farmhouse

Farmer Jack’s Well at The Old Farmhouse
Chapter 4 from the story

Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan
A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Farmer Jack's Well at Farmhouse Fables
Farmer Jack’s Well at The Old Farmhouse

All of a sudden, they heard a wail from the other side of the stone, followed by a long silence then a faint, faraway splash.

Andy and Robbit rushed to see what had happened. But Jonathan was nowhere to be seen; there was just a great big hole in the ground

“Oh, wow,” Exclaimed Andy, “We forgot Farmer Jack’s well.”

They peered carefully over the edge. Far below, they could see Jonathan bobbing around on top of the water in his shell, like a tiny coracle.

“Help!” He called in an upside-down sort of voice that echoed around the walls of the well.

“Hold on,” Yelled Andy in an encouraging sort of way, “We’ll soon get you out.”

“How?” Robbit whispered in Andy’s ear so Jonathan wouldn’t hear and feel worried, “We can’t climb down the side of the well.”

“I can,” Said Andy.

“But you couldn’t reach Jonathan when you got there.”

“Help,” Jonathan’s upside-down voice echoed damply up the well again.

Suddenly, Andy had a very good idea.

“I know,” He exclaimed, “I’ll go and find Old Mrs Spider: she could lower me down to Jonathan on the end of a web.”

Andy scurried off, as fast as his legs could carry him; which was very fast indeed.

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Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan
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