Beetle Boys Help The Rescue

Beetle Boys Help The Rescue
Chapter 6 from the story
Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Beetle Boys Help The Rescue

The Beetle Boys
The Beetle Boys

Andy found the two Beetle Boys far away on the other side of the meadow.

“Jonathan in trouble?” They exclaimed, “What has happened to him?”

“He’s stuck down the well.”

“Why doesn’t he climb back up?”

“The sides are too damp and slippery.”

“We can climb anything,” The two beetles declared confidently, “Let’s go to the rescue.”

Andy scurried off in the direction of the well, the two Beetle Boys close behind him.

“There he is!” Andy pointed down the well.

Farmer Jack's Well at Farmhouse Fables
Farmer Jack’s Well

The two Beetle Boys peered over the edge: far below, they could just make out the shape of Jonathan, bobbing gently in the water.

“Hang on, Jonathan,” Yelled the beetles, “We’re coming to get you.”

With Andy leading the way, the beetle boys scuttled down the side of the well, the little hooks in their legs gripping tightly to the slippery bricks.

“Right,” They grabbed hold of Jonathan and hoisted him onto their shoulders, “We’re on our way up.”

The beetles pushed and shoved, while Andy pulled and tugged, and slowly, bit by bit, Jonathan was lifted back up the well.

At long last, they reached the top. And there, waiting for them, stood Robbit and a huge crowd of all their friends from the meadow. An enormous cheer went up.


Everybody leapt up and down excitedly, waving their arms and shouting and yelling and thumping Andy and the two Beetle Boys on the back.


“You’re heroes!”


Andy and the two beetles were so overcome by all the excitement, they didn’t know what to say. They shuffled their feet shyly and stared at the ground.

“Thank you,” Said Jonathan gratefully to the three of them, “Thank you very, very much indeed.”

Just then, from out of the crowd, Matilda ran up to Jonathan, a towel in her arms.

“Here,” She said to Jonathan, “Let me dry your shell; it’s soaking wet.”

As Matilda busily rubbed Jonathan dry, she turned to all the creatures round about.

Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan
Robbit, Andy, Jonathan, Old Mrs Spider, Millie and Matilda

“You can all come back to my home under the Old Farmhouse for a party, to celebrate. It’s only small place, but we can squeeze in, and Mrs Katie said she didn’t mind at all because it’s a very special occasion.”

And so that is what they did: and it was one of the best parties that any of them could remember. In fact, it was so much fun, nobody wanted to leave at all.

“My Goodness,” said Farmer Jack as he sat down to supper, “What on earth’s all that scuffling and chattering?”

Mrs Katie smiled and put a great big plate of shepherd’s pie down in front of Farmer Jack.

“Just our friends from the meadow,” She said, “They’re celebrating because Jonathan fell down the well and they managed to pull him out again.”

“Ah,” Said Farmer Jack between mouthfuls of Mrs Katie’s delicious pie, “Well, that’s alright then. I’m glad the day had a happy ending.”

The End

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