Andy Builds An Attic

Andy Builds An Attic
Chapter 2 from the story
Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan

A children’s fable by Jan Luthman

Andy Builds An Attic

Robbitt stopped scratching his ear.

“A what?” He asked.

“An attic,” Andy waved an arm in the direction of the lower meadow, “On my new hill.”

The Lower Meadow from Andy Builds An Attic
The Lower Meadow at The Old Farmhouse

Robbitt peered over the grass to where Andy was pointing: he could just make out the tip of a very large heap of twigs.

“But,” Robbitt protested, “Ant hills don’t have attics.”

Andy folded two of his arms.

“Mine will,” He said.

Andys Ant Hill copyright© 2020
Andy’s Ant Hill

Ant hill image copyright© 2020 BARNIMAGES

“So why are you here?” Asked Robbit, “Run out of twigs? Want to borrow some?”

“Nope,” Said Andy, “I just got bored.”

“I thought you were too busy to get bored.”

“Well, lonely, then,” Andy admitted, “Not much fun being busy when there’s no-one else around.”

Robbitt didn’t think it would be much fun being busy, even if there were lots and lots of people around. But he was too polite to say so.

Andy shuffled his feet shyly.

“Would you like to come and keep me company?” He asked, “You could watch me build.”

The thought of watching Andy being busy made Robbit feel sleepy all over again. He tried to think of something else to do: something more suited to someone who’s just woken up and isn’t at all sure he really wanted to. Something slow.

“Why don’t we go and see if Jonathan’s awake?” He suggested.

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